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The Straley Family

Hello and welcome to Nanny Goat Primitives!

My name is Deanna and I am a WAHM of two boys, ages 17 and 10. "Nanny Goat" is a treasured childhood nickname given to me by my dear sister Debbie (we call her Mary Poppins). My children and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado in the town of Parker. I am so grateful that I am able to work at home doing what I love AND stay at home with my children. I am truly blessed.

My passion for primitives grew out of my love for antiques. I enjoy poking around antique stores hoping to find my next antique/primitive “must have”. Many of these treasures are well out of my price range but every once in a while, I find a bargain or two. Many years ago, I started tinkering with my handmades trying to achieve the look of keepsakes from long ago. Soon I was making "old" things for family and friends. With the encouragement of my wonderful family, I now make "old" things full time!

As young children, my sisters and I were encouraged to keep our hands busy and our mouths shut, so we all learned how to knit, crochet and cross stitch. I learned to sew at an early age too by watching my mom and my grandmother. Mom used to draw pencil lines on grocery sacks for me to follow on the sewing machine. Once I mastered that, she threaded the machine so I could really sew! LOL!! When Daddy bought Mom her new Kenmore machine, she handed down her old Morse (the Horse) sewing machine to us girls! That machine weighed a ton!

To help make ends meet, Grammy Byberg made custom draperies. My sisters, Debbie and Dawn, and I have many fond memories of playing "house" under Grammy's drapery board while she sewed away the afternoon on her old Singer. Grammy would give us her fabric scraps and her tin of buttons and we would create our dreams :) All three of us girls love to quilt. When Debbie visits, she brings her sewing machine and the three of us quilt non-stop for days. My grandmother taught me the magic of needle and thread and I've been hooked on stitching ever since!

All of the primitive patterns you see on my web site were designed by me. You may create items for resale using my patterns, provided you give me credit as the designer.

I am always designing something new, so please stop by every now and then to see what I'm up to.


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